Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rolling Love - Ep 6 Released!

Seems like love is in the air!

Torrent is available on D-Addicts, while the direct download link should be up shortly. If any questions or concerns, feel free to comment here.

Thank you for everyone's patience!
We appreciate your kindness and support!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the great work and speed at which you put these out!

Kisu said...

wow yes! after the drama of the last episode i can't wait to watch this one. thank you so so much! keep up the hard work!

Anonymous said...


ale said...

hey huys how are you?
thanks for subbing!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Good job! Xie Xie. No more waiting for this ep.

Jia you, ep.7.

kelly said...

Hello guys,

I have uploaded this ep. to megaupload.

Here's the link.

Jia you!!!

3045 said...

You are too helpful! Thanks!