Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rolling Love - Ep 5 Released!

The storyline is finally starting to pick up!
Episode 5 is such a riot; it's wonderful.

Thanks to everyone as usual for being patient and ever-so-kind
in supporting our work and helping us seed the episodes so far!

Please stay updated by clicking on the "Current Projects" tab.


Side Note:
We have also released the subs for YUI - Summer Song & BBT - Na Li Pa!
The DL link is in our Music Videos tab. Thanks!


thequeenmab said...

Thank you so much!
You rock guys! ^^

I *love* your work.
Especially 'cause I can see the original chinese subtitles AND the english ones.

Anonymous said...

Xie Xie!
You are really hard working after you released ep.4 last weekend. Ep.5 came out so fast.

jia you guys!

Anonymous said...

Thank You^^
Thank You!!!^^

Anonymous said...

I love this series so much! You guys are awesome for working so hard on translating it. Thank you!