Tuesday, May 22, 2007


13 Dreamss

Requesting Portuguese Subtitles?
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Anonymous said...

The Fahrenheit and S.H.E. banners are so good!

Anonymous said...

how can we affiliate?
any requirements???

3045 said...

Email us at Contact3045@gmail.com and we can discuss.

Kaye said...

i really love lpooking at this site since the banner is Hot Shot. Haha. are you guys abig fan of Fahrenheit???

3045 said...

Yes, always a fan of Fahrenheit =)

Shun-Nee Chan Loves Goo Jun Pyo said...

I also love Fahrenheit. I don't know how to do the 'affiliate' thing. I would like to, though. my email is shun_nee@yahoo.com.au

P.S. Your subs are awesome!