Friday, June 27, 2008

Rolling Love - Ep 7 Released!

Heartwrenching episode, indeed.
What happens next?!

The series is halfway through already,
So make sure to check back for frequent updates!

Happy watchings =)


Anonymous said...

Guys, you are very fast. Thanks.

Love DCF, Love SE3ST0R F4NSUB5.

Kay said...

wow feels like you just released episode 6. thank you so much! xoxo

Kelly said...

hi! xie xie ni.

I wanna help you but I don't know any Chinese words. How about I will help you to upload it to megaupload?

3045 said...

Oh, that would be very helpful! Thank you!

kelly said...

Never mind. ^_^ It because of you so I can understand this drama and love it. Well, after I finish downloading where can I post it?

kelly said...

Here's the link of DCF ep.7

I'm sorry that it's late cos I could not post any comment. The web kept being errored.

3045 said...

No, don't worry about it! Thanks so much =)