Friday, August 1, 2008

4-MV Batch

We promised you some goods!

Videos and Links:

FT Island - Thunder + Only One Person [ CR | YT | V | Download ]
- mini drama MV, make sure to watch part 2 later on!
Kim Ah Joong - Byul (200 Pounds of Beauty OST) [ CR | YT ]
- an absolutely beautiful and touching song
Namie Amuro - New Look [ CR | Download ]
- catchy song, trendy fashions, and namie!
S#arp - Kiss Me [ CR | YT ]
- special request from one of our viewers ^_^


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

can you reupload Namie Amuro New Look please? thank you

3045 said...

Here you go:

Anonymous said...

thank you, although it still doesn't work T-T

Anonymous said...

can someone reupload Namie Amuro New Look? I saw someone asked earlier, but the Megaupload link doesn't work