Monday, March 30, 2009

Multi-MV Batch

Big Bang - SeungRi Solo - Strong Baby
[ YouTube | Megaupload ]

BoA - Eien
[ Vimeo | Megaupload ]

DBSK - Bolero
[ zSHARE | Megaupload ]

DBSK - You're My Melody (Live)
[ YouTube | Megaupload ]

Gazette - Leech
[ YouTube | Megaupload ]

Girls' Generation - Gee
[ YouTube | Megaupload ]

Golf & Mike - You (Mike Solo)
[ YouTube | Megaupload ]

Hwanhee - My Person (Beethoven Virus OST) **REQUESTED**
[ YouTube | DDL unavailable ]

H.O.T. - Candy **REQUESTED**
[ YouTube | DDL unavailable ]

Lee-Hom Wang - Heart Beat **REQUESTED**
[ YouTube | Megaupload ]

Lee Hyun Ji - Vanilla Love ft. Onew (from SHINee)
[ YouTube | Megaupload ]

Miyavi - Freedom Fighters **REQUESTED**
[ YouTube | Megaupload ]

S#arp - My Lips... Warm Like Coffee **REQUESTED**
[ YouTube | Megaupload ]

Taeyeon - Can You Hear Me? (Beethoven OST)
[ YouTube | Megaupload ]


ncc1701e said...

Your sub is almost perfect. Just less one thing, an karaoke animation text. I am sory if it wasn't available only on Boa, because I made this comment after only see BOA. The other MV I still download them. Thank you. Please if posible relase Love or Bread 1080p :).

3045 said...

Unfortunately we don't do karaoke animation/effects. There are 2 reasons for this: 1) Only a few of us can actually master this skill, and the rest have little to almost no time to learn it. 2) We produce subbed MVs by the batches, so we're just constantly chugging them out. Doing the actual karaoke animation for each and every one would be far too time consuming (especially with our lack in manpower). I agree with you that it would be a nice addition to our subs, but at our current state, it would be almost impossible. We are, however, looking forward to adding more karaoke timers and having others learn it when the summer comes : ) Thanks for watching our stuff! We really appreciate all your comments thus far.

ayamefan13 said...

lol hey it's me. I know I could have asked this at the forum, but... will a download for Hwanhee's My Person ever be available? I've been waiting for it that's why. =x

iynn512 said...

hi i saw ur subbed dbsk's 'doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou' MV in youtube, so i want to download it, but i can't find it in your site. can please direct me to where to download? thanks

Cam said...

I wanted to look at your later MVs, but I can't seem to access your other music videos from your "Music Videos" tab. Is there anywhere else I can go to see these music videos? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I love the You're My Melody video.