Saturday, November 22, 2008

Episode Passwords

We've had some troubles with our blog the last couple of weeks. If some of you have not yet received your HS password and it's been OVER 7 days, please post your request again here. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Also, note to others:
If you post your request in other pages besides the main HS page, your request will be ignored. Due to a high volume of password requests, we are not able to check every single page on our blog for new comments, so please post on the correct page. Thank you.


ereka said...

sorry to ask... what is HS password??

StrandedAngel said...

ereka>>>i believe it's Hot Shot

natsumeneko said...

Could I request for HS Password please.

_Hyunku_xXx_Mars_ said...

can I hav hs password plz
Thx alot
My email is

Anonymous said...

1) password request

Thanks for all your hard work :)

Anonymous said...

Can i have the password for HS please?
My email is

Thanks for all the hard work :)!

a boy said...

can i have Hs password pls

lavy said...

can I have HS password, please? my email is
thanks :)

agus6 said...

can i have Hs password pls

Anonymous said...


It's been over 7 days since I requested password(s) for HS Ep. 1-9 so I hope it's okay to post request here again.

Could I please have password for Hot Shot from Ep. 1 to 9?

Thank you.

Sydney said...

Can I too have a HS password?

Thank you for all your hard work, guys!

Edm0nD3su said...

What's the HS password?

Anonymous said...

Can I have the HS password pretty plz :D
my email is

thanx in advance and 4 the great work!

Anonymous said...

Could i please have the HS passwords? . Thanks for your work on all the dramas nuch appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for subbing...

requesting episode number:hotshot 9-11
email address:
Date of request:04-27-09