Friday, August 15, 2008

Hot Shot OST

We've gotten numerous messages in our inbox regarding the soundtrack. So here's the official Hot Shot OST for those who are interested. The songs are pretty catchy, but the downside is that the opening and ending theme are not included. Anyways, here's the information and track listings:
(all credits to z-degrees)

File Size: 40MB
Language : Mandarin
01) 絕對無敵 – 倪子岡 (U Got Me - Nese)
02) 霹靂決鬥 (The Crowd Was Rockin')
03) Superman - 倪子岡 (Superman - Nese)
04) 隧道 – 林凡 (Tunnel - Freya Lim)
05) 絕對無敵之 箭在弦上 (U Got Me - Hypertension)
06) 真的, 我沒事 – 符致逸 (I'll Be Fine - Adrian Fu)
07) 不要對我再說愛 – 林凡 (Don't Tell Me - Freya Lim)
08) 隧道之 彩虹盡頭 (Tunnel – End Of The Rainbow)
09) 真的, 我沒事之 天亮後 (I'll Be Fine – Dawn)
10) 絕對無敵之 籃球夢 (U Got Me – Hoop Dreams)

[ Download ]


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When you are getting the endng and opening songs for Basketball Fire.