Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rolling Love - Ep 9 Released!

It's that time again! Another episode release!
Click on "Current Projects" for viewing/download options.

Might we add that Xiao Shu has quite an imagination ^_^

Only a few more episodes, and we're down to the final!
Thanks to everyone who has been keeping up with us this far.
Your patience is greatly appreciated.


Any SHINee fans? Here's a short extra to feast your eyes upon for the time being. There shall be more to come! Love the dancing - SHINee, aja aja!

More Subbed MV Releases:
Myung Soo Park's To Fool, From Fool
MC Mong - So Fresh

Lastly, here's the trailer for a new Thai drama:
Love Beyond Frontier (starring Golf & Mike)


kelly said...

Wow! It's really fast. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

wow! You guys are awesome!