Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rolling Love - Ep 11 Released!

The plot just took a completely unexpected turn!

The episode's up and working on Crunchyroll. Direct download links and torrents will be available soon. Please be patient with us as we finish the last episode of Rolling Love! Time is just flying by, it seems =)

Veoh link now available


kelly said...

Hello guys,

Thanks very much. It is going to end. You are doing a great job!

kawaiiblues said...

what is your next project after this ? :P

will you guys sub Love Beyond Frontier ? it seems to be really good :O ..... for the first time i hav interest in a thai drama

are u guys interested in subbing 100% senorita .... i know its pretty far back ...but you guys are really fast subbers in terms of taiwanese drama !

anyway cant wait for next ep