Friday, June 6, 2008

Rolling Love - Ep 3 Released!

Yep, you heard right!
It's completed, and the torrent is now available on D-Addicts.
(Click the "Current Projects" tab for links!)
For those of you who want direct downloads,
please be patient. They should be available shortly.

Not much to say except thanks for checking in with us
and being one of our loyal viewers!

To those who have seen the episode already,
we hope you enjoyed it! Please stay tuned for episode 4!


Anonymous said...

Can you upload to Crunchyroll as well?
Look forward to more eps

Anonymous said...

You're doing an awesome job!
Everytime I see you've released a new "Rolling Love" episode I run to download it and watch it!
Keep up the good work you're doing!!!!

Anonymous said...


I've just finished dowloading ep.3 and i'm watching it now. I have to tell you I think it is a little bit low quality. I guess you resized it, didn't you? Just so you know. Whatever, I don't mind and I am going to continue watching it.

Thanks for the sub. Jia you! I'll continue to support you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my earlier comment. That's my bad. I set the wrong values of MPC so it was a low quality. Actually, when I use WMP, it is a high quality.

Jia you

Anonymous said...


3045 said...

It's already on CR : )

Addit-Asia said...

At first, thanks very much for your great job we love it !
We are two french teams fansub and we would like to translate your subs of the drama "Rolling Love". Is it possible ?
Then, we have a question, where dud you find your raw for this drama ? We have found raws but it's a bad quality. Could you help us ?
Thanks you !!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, we're the french team fansub. I have forgotten to give you our email for the answer:
Thanks =)

Anonymous said...

whoa that was so fast!
Xie Xie ni