Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rolling Love - Ep 2 Released!

It's finally out. A big thanks to everyone who patiently waited!

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Part 1
Part 2

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Thanks for watching!
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Anonymous said...

Thanks sooooo much!!
I can't wait till the next episode!! It's so good! And you guys are so fast at subbing!! Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. I can't wait for the torrent ^_^

You know,last night I dreamt that you released lame I know.

Jia you.

magali said...

Aaah thank you so much !!! I've just watched it, and i love it so much ! Aaah Mi QiLin ^^

First thing i did this morning : check if this 2nd episode was released. I ended up having fried rice at breakfast :D

You did a great job, thanks so much for the translation. Can't wait to see the other episodes. Jia You !


kolanie said...

i really want to see the next episodes of "Rolling Love" se3stor f4nsub5, can u upload it soon?? really want to see it.

3045 said...

Thanks to all the great comments =) For those asking for the next episodes, you can check on our progress in the "Current Projects" tab on the right!

kolanie said...

Rolling is one of the BEST dramas ever!!!!!, but i dont know why it rate os low??? anyone know??

Anonymous said...

i cant w8 4 ep 3!!!thanx so much 4 ur hard work n keep it up!!

xadamx said...

Thanks for subbing this series. So far it has been good and I look forward to your future releases. Keep up the great work!