Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blogspot Newbies!

So the time has come for our fansubbing group to finally make a blog site. We've been doing a lot more projects and are trying to make our face known in the drama world. It's been a difficult journey considering the fact that we were only established in September of 2007, but hopefully we will be able to reach our goal some day! Our subbed MV/PVs have been helping to increase our number of loyal viewers, especially Fahrenheit, Bang Bang Tang, and DBSK fans. We are looking forward to spreading out to other various languages and genres of music--as well as slowly picking up dramas in the future. Please continue to stay updated with our progress!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks SE3STOR F4NSUBS. I would like a download link for Hot Shot ep 1 and 2 plz ^_^.

Episode Number: 1 and 2
Email Address: aquadragster@gmail.com
Date of Request: 8/11/08